The Fallen. Story

Creating legacies that last lifetimes

Fallen. designs and makes fine furniture. Warwick creates timeless pieces, built for you to enjoy now and for generations to come. As a maker, it is my responsibility to give trees an eternal life; a sense of duty to let the trees live on through natural, thoughtful and respectful furniture making.

Innovative Design Meets Artisan Craft


Fallen. is driven by Warwick Jones’ passion to become a master furniture maker and designer, and to inspire his three children to lead a life of purpose.

Leaving his corporate life behind, he trained as an artisan furniture designer and maker. Learning both traditional and contemporary design along with hand crafted and machine methods, his vision is to create the highest quality custom furniture that will last forever.

Warwick remains true to his love of precision, respect for beautiful timber and desire to push the boundaries of traditional and contemporary design – joining a new generation of artisan makers.

In a consumer focused, single use, throw away society, Warwick strives to set a high business standard practise and where possible use sustainably sourced materials, to create heirloom furniture. He takes this responsibility very seriously to ensure the Fallen. footprint has minimal impact on our precious environment.

Want something special? From occasional chairs to dining chairs, why not contact Warwick about designing your own.

A Space for Inspiration and Collaboration


The workshop is a place where creativity is embraced, ideas generated, and a love of timber crafted into eternally beautiful custom, bespoke pieces.

You are warmly welcomed to visit, create and collaborate.

It’s a place where the door is always open to people who love to create and appreciate the beauty of natural materials.

At the workshop I combine skilled hand crafting techniques with modern machinery practise so your custom furniture can be made to the highest standards.